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The University Of Arizona Mystery's®

The University of Arizona now sits on top of lands that were once located far outside
the Tucson City Limits in a
cresote bush filled, rattlesnake infested area of scrub desert sand
jointly owned by a group of card sharks, professional gamblers, saloon owners, and one of their wives [1].

If one goes back even farther in history, the property on which the current University of Arizona
sits was an area sometimes inhabited, traveled across, and utilized by different successive
 Tribes, Explorers [2], Spanish Soldiers, and numerous other groups both known and unknown[3].

University of Arizona Mysteries

Since that time many things have not only occurred on that land,
but as the University of Arizona continues its ever continual
outward expansion each year taking over bigger portions
of the surrounding neighborhoods and commercial properties.

The campus has now sprawled out over the top of many old trails,
streets, ranches, pits, water wells, homes, graves and graveyards,

very old hand dug water wells, and areas used for thousands of years
by the many people of the many different cultures
passing through and living in the area.

It is not unusual under those many centuries of circumstances
that what lies deep underneath may have become disturbed.  


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